Are you seeking a Partner in France to assist with the distribution of your Microscopy Products into the French Scientific Market...?

Please contact MICRO MÉCANIQUE - Our team can assist with Promotion, Demonstration, Marketing and Sales

We have been Selling, Repairing and Servicing Microscopes and Microscopy equipment for over 35 years

Company Values of Integrity and Customer Loyalty are key to our business philosophy

MICRO MECANIQUE is a member of the Optics & Photonics Hub and has been selected by ALCATEL-LUCENT and HEC Paris for attending the 2017 Innovation programme.

Since 2018, MICRO MECANIQUE is Partner to the GDR ImaBio ( CNRS Group of Research)

Lionel Malécot - MBA - Agronomy Engineering - Extensive international Experience

MICRO MÉCANIQUE - Owner and Founder - established 2008                                                                    33 6 72 36 45 41

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